Where in the World is Dawn’s Blog?

If you’ve been following along at home, you know that I’m moving to Florida this weekend. As is the case with moving across the country, there are things to do. Lots of things. I have been doing those things. That’s one reason why today’s blog is about eight hours late. It’s also why the next few blogs may be completely absent.

After tomorrow, my internet access will be spotty at best until I can reconnect in my new permanent location, and even then, who knows. They may not even have the internet in Florida. Their cell phone service is a bit iffy too. Florida is known for its tropical weather and snow-free winters, not its reliable technological infrastructure.

I am going to try to write a much more heartfelt and awesome blog tomorrow. It may be the last one I write from my house in Iowa with my always-on DSL, but if tomorrow goes like today, it could be after sunset. I am running out of time to get all the previously mentioned things done. Also, my to-do list keeps getting longer even as I am crossing things off. If you don’t hear from me for too long, you may need to send a carrier pigeon. Not during hurricane season though—they don’t fly well in 100 mile per hour winds.

I guarantee that the first blog I write in Florida will be the most amazing, hilarious, interesting bit of pondering about a fascinating topic you’ve ever read in your whole freaking life. If it’s not I will refund your money.* I’m sure I will have some really snarky things to say after spending several days in a car with three cats on drugs.

In summation, Dawn’s blog is hitting the road. See you next week. I hope.

*Refund checks will not be honored.