Cupcake: The Greatest Page on All of Wikipedia

I like to edit Wikipedia pages. (I mean, I am a member of the grammar police.) Sometimes when I am at my computer with a few minutes to spare I will click "random article" repeatedly until I hit a page with something needing fixed that I can edit quickly. This activity also occasionally leads me to interesting pages I would have never seen otherwise. That's what I was doing yesterday between classes when I found the greatest Wikipedia page ever: Cupcake.

 One of Wikipedia's foundational principles is neutrality in the writing. But I ask you, how can one be neutral where cupcakes are concerned? They are freaking delicious, as this savvy and unbiased user pointed out in his/her page edit:

 "Cupcakes are usually used for heavenly goodness and are very yummy. People who don't like cupcakes are VERY naughty. I am Cupcake Lover and as my name suggests, I go bananas over cupcakes. It doesn't matter what flavour, cupcakes are cupcakes. But, Red velvet cupcakes are the best! :)"

 This is clearly the work of a wise and upstanding citizen. Unfortunately, Wikipedia editors for some strange reason, came along and tagged this text as "vandalism" and called this sage cupcake lover an “idiot.” Pshaw. Those same stodgy old bores quickly removed this person’s editorial about cupcakes. Spoilsports.

 What is even more amazing about this page is how much dialogue exists on the “talk” page. The talk page has even more going on than the main article, which is itself amazingly long. There is actually a debate taking place between editors in the talk section about the veracity of frosting. People are actually bickering about whether cupcakes have frosting. Some of the contributors are arguing for source citations to confirm the presence or absence of icing on a pastry. Also, they can’t seem to decide whether the word is frosting or icing. All I can say to that is LOL, dudes, they’re cupcakes.

 In summation, there must be a good number of people out there who need to consult Wikipedia for unbiased, factual information on the phenomenon known as cupcakes. What a brave new world this is where I can go to the web for reliable data on baked goods.