Facebook's Suggestions: Needs More Cat

So, Facebook’s “suggested post” algorithm is apparently on crack. Today, it suggests I might want to browse “big, strong men” in my area. Yesterday, it was “big, black men.” The day before that it was “good-looking, single men” and before that “single, Christian men.” There is nothing wrong with any of these except for the fact that my Facebook feed and my timeline are literally filled with comments about, posts on, and videos by lesbians. Nowhere in sight is there a post about “big men” of any kind. Also, Facebook's idea of "good-looking" is suspect.

It’s interesting how commercial content gets promoted in my feed. I get it when I see an ad for shoes when I have recently looked at shoes online. It even makes sense when Facebook asks me if I’m “still interested” in an eBay item for sale that’s actually my own listing. (Yes, I’m still interested…in selling that thing on eBay that I currently own.) It’s stupid, but I get it. I even get it when I see promoted content for political figures and news items that are completely contrary to my own beliefs because at some point I have mocked these figures and items publicly. (Last week’s post about Joni Ernst flooded my feed with ridiculous “trends” in politics.) Yes, I get these suggestions—I see where the algorithm is drawing its information from, even if it doesn’t connect its content to context.

What I don’t get is where the “big men” are coming from. Seriously, why have I never seen a suggestion for browsing “sexy lesbians” in my area or even “lonely housewives” looking to experiment? Now, don’t get me wrong: I don’t actually want to browse for sexy, lonely housewives. Now, cats? Sure. I could go for some browsing of “big, strong cats in my area.” Why aren’t I getting that suggested post in my feed? Who wouldn’t want to curl up with a sexy cougar? (Seriously, do not Google “sexy cougar.”)  My photo albums are overflowing with cat pictures. Clearly Facebook has no idea what my type is. Here’s a hint: What has four legs and wears a furry tuxedo to bed?

In summation, I already sold that Star Wars action figure on eBay, there aren’t nearly enough cats on the internet, and Facebook is a terrible, terrible matchmaker.